Southern Nights: Enigma 1 - Come For Me

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When an ex-military security expert's wife is taken hostage along with her colleagues, he'll use every weapon in his arsenal to get her out safely. But when it turns out someone they both trust is working with the bad guys, she'll have to fight alongside him to gain their freedom.

Olivia Brannan arrives at her Atlanta financial firm on what should be one of the best mornings of her life. But she walks into eerie silence, greeted only by bloodstains. Her quiet, civilized workplace is under attack. When she can't reach Dain, her uber-protective hero, she realizes she must stay alive on her own until help arrives. And she must decide—is she prepared to kill to save herself and the gift she has for her husband?

Dain Brannan is a client security specialist at JCL Security. He's one of the best in the business. But even in his worst nightmares, he never expected to have to use his skills to rescue his beloved Livie. When thugs take her firm's personnel hostage, he'll do anything to save her—including go around or through the police. Can his team do what the SWAT teams cannot—bring her and her colleagues out alive?


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Chapter One

The sight of Olivia’s empty pillow registered as soon as Dain’s eyes opened, but not its meaning. His wife never got up before he did—years in the military had assured he awoke at dawn no matter how much or how little sleep he’d gotten the night before. He usually stirred when the room was still dim, the weight of Livie’s slight body half lying on his right side, the warm, sleepy scent of her filling his nose. His gift. His heaven after too many years of nothing of his own. His arms ached without her in them.

Where was she?

She’d been up for a while too; the scent of coffee lingered in the air, which meant it’d had time to drift from the kitchen into their bedroom. Running a hand across the bed found her side already cool.

Why wasn’t she still in bed with him?

The sound of water running caught his attention, filtering through the closed door of their connecting bathroom. She was already in the shower.

Something was wrong.

Every instinct he’d honed in his forty-two years screamed at him to get to her. Senses alert for any alarm, he slipped from the bed and stalked across the room to the closed bathroom door. A moment listening revealed nothing but the flow of water.

Frustration and worry tangled together in his throat.


Wet air slapped his face as he stepped into the daylit bathroom, but not until he saw Livie behind the glass shower door, head tilted back, eyes closed, did he take a full breath. Leaning against the wall, he watched as she lifted her hands to the mass of strawberry-blonde hair on her head, now water darkened and soapy. She slid her fingers through the strands as the water rinsed suds down her body. Damn, he’d never get tired of that body. Ten years of marriage hadn’t lessened his desire for her a single iota. Livie had the pale cream complexion of a true Irishwoman, her smooth skin drawing his gaze down a long, slender neck to rounded breasts with plump nipples he could spend hours sucking and pulling. Her stomach was softly curved, her hips rounded like the bottom half of an hourglass, her legs long. At five-seven she still only came to his shoulder—a perfect fit, in his opinion. And when he imagined those curves against him, those legs dragging him closer between her thighs…

He dropped a hand to his naked cock and stroked, enjoying the hardening rush that seized his body.

Livie turned, opened her eyes. One green, one brown. Those beautiful mismatched eyes rested on his hand, his erection. A laugh bubbled from her full lips.

“Good morning, husband.”

He slid his hand to the very tip and squeezed as he watched the water lovingly trace her body. “It certainly is now, wife.”

When he lifted his shoulder from the doorjamb and began a slow stalk across the room, Livie shivered. Considering the light drift of steam in the room, he didn’t think it was a chill causing that reaction. He stared, silent, branding her with every step, until the glass between them was moved aside and he joined her in the shower. Livie swallowed hard as she moved back to give him room. He kept pushing forward until her sweet body was trapped between his much bigger one and the wet shower wall.

The water was cooler than he’d expected—not cold, but not hot. Livie loved a hot shower. He frowned, settling his hands on her hips to keep her exactly where he wanted her. “What’s wrong?”

It was more command than question, but Livie only looked puzzled. “Nothing’s wrong. Why?”

He bent until his mouth came even with hers. Livie tried to push up on her toes, to bring their lips together, but he held tight, refusing her impulse. A sharp nip on her full bottom lip startled her.

“Why are you up?”

A shy, sly look blossomed in her eyes. “Is that what this is about? You’re upset because I got out of bed without you? I am completely capable of managing a morning on my own, you know.”

Of course he knew. She managed all the time when one of his security jobs for JCL required an overnight stay to protect a client. Just not when he was actually here.

“Don’t try that snow job on me, wife,” he growled. “Something’s up. You can’t distract me from finding out what.”

“I can’t?” Since he refused to let her lift enough to meet his lips, she leaned forward, her tongue landing on one tiny, already hard nipple. His groan echoed against the tile walls. When her teeth joined the dance, he abandoned the argument in favor of pulling her tight against him. The move allowed him just enough room to land a smack on one plump ass cheek.

Livie squeaked into his skin.

“I know I’m gonna have to punish you for leaving me all alone in that enormous bed. Do I also need to punish you for lying to me?”

A light laugh tickled the hollow below his collarbone. “Sounds fun.”

He leaned back, searching out those mismatched eyes. She couldn’t hide anything from him when he looked into her eyes. “Tell me, Olivia. Are you okay?”

Her eyes shared the smile that curved her wide mouth. “I’m okay. Really.” She pushed up on tiptoe again, and this time he loosened his hold enough to allow it. “Just a little insomnia, that’s all. You know these end-of-the-month hassles. But that’s nothing to worry about. I’m fine.”

Livie worked in accounting at a local Atlanta company, and yes, sometimes the final days of the month were a pain in the ass. Still…

Livie closed the distance between them, bringing her mouth to his, open and hot. Her hard nipples dragged through the rough hair on his chest, drawing moans from both of them. “You said something about a punishment?”

He eased back, ignoring her pout in favor of torturing her. “Turn around.”

His wife turned the torture right around on him, shifting her body little by little, giving him the best view of all her delectable parts before finally facing the wall.

“Hands up.”

She placed her palms on the cool tile, fingers spread. The rise and fall of her back quickened, matching his racing breaths.

“Tilt back, Livie. Give me that ass.”

Livie lifted first one foot, then the other—about shoulder-width apart, equal distance from the wall. He gave one smooth inner thigh a smack. “Wider.”

She spread for him. When she angled against the wall, her ass lifted and spread. His mouth watered at the sight of his beautiful wife ready and waiting for anything he wanted to give her. There was still so much he wanted to give her, always. He’d never be able to give her enough.

He palmed both ass cheeks. A rough massage had her lifting onto her toes.


The first slap left a white print on her skin that quickly turned pink. Dain enjoyed the delicate jiggle of the plump swell before moving to the other.


Livie moaned. So did he.

Setting up a slow rhythm, Dain savored the sight of his wife’s surrender. Outside the bedroom, Livie knew how to take control, how to lead, and did often, especially at work. She wouldn’t be the VP of Georgia Financial’s accounting department otherwise. But here, with him, she gave exactly what they both needed—her body completely open to him, her pleasure his to provide, her love so palpable he could touch it, taste it, wrap himself in it. In her. His hand landed one last time on her perfect ass, and then he dropped to his knees behind her, bringing his lips to her fiery skin, skimming along the heat as he sought the wetness he knew awaited him between her legs.

And oh, was she wet.

He slid between arousal-swollen lips to finger her clit. When he stroked his tongue along her flaming ass, Livie jumped. “Please, Dain…oh God!”

The final word slid up an octave as he penetrated her with two thick fingers. Livie always felt too tight, like she would strangle him the minute he got inside her. It took a few strokes to open her up, to get to the point where he could thrust without fear of spilling himself immediately, thoroughly, in the snug depths of her body. This time he let his fingers stretch her, using the moment to savor the heat of her skin and the soft shivers his lips evoked as he kissed and licked and nipped her firm, rounded ass.

His ass. His wife. His Livie.

His whole world.

She pushed back against him, seeking her own pleasure and his, urging him to stand and take her. His teeth caught the under curve of one cheek, nipping hard as he delivered a last smack to the opposite side.


Grinning, he stood up behind her, gripped her hips, and drew her backward until her back was almost flat, until those beautiful breasts dangled at the perfect angle for his hands, until her full ass was cuddled right against his aching cock. Until she was exactly how he wanted her. And then he bent over that sleek back.

His lips traced the furrow of her spine as he cupped her breasts. When he tugged at the erect nipples, he swore she flinched. “Okay?” he asked, pausing.

With a moan Livie arched into his hands. “I’m okay. Just a little tender.”

A quick calculation told him she was close to her period. Knowing that, he took his time, teasing and pinching and tugging lightly, gentling her to the sensations. Only when her ass was grinding against him did he let himself get rough, just the way she usually liked for him to touch her.

“I could do this forever, wife,” he whispered into the skin of her shoulder before gripping the slim line of muscle with his teeth, lining himself up, and sliding all the way inside her. He stopped hilt-deep, a growl rumbling up in his chest as he struggled to keep control, to make this last as long as he could bear for it to. If he’d had any choice, he’d never leave Livie’s body. And from the way she not only accepted him but opened herself, her body clutching at his rock-hard cock as if she never wanted to let go, he knew she felt the same.

“Are you stuck?” she asked, breathless amusement underlying the words.

He ground in a circle inside her. “Maybe. Would you mind?”

“Hell no.” She groaned as his cock stroked her deep inside. “But I’d really like to come sometime today.”

“You would?” He chuckled, the act bumping his cockhead against her cervix. “Well, I live to serve.”

“Yes, you do,” she agreed sweetly as he began to thrust. And then the two of them were lost in the rhythm of advance and withdraw, in and out, over and over and over again until it felt like not only their bodies but their souls were one. Finally, unable to wait any longer, Dain pinched a nipple and Livie’s clit at the same time, setting off a detonation that sucked him into oblivion with her.

When he came back to awareness, Livie was sagged against the shower wall, her smile wide and sated. Slipping his arms around her, he drew her up until they were back to chest. “Now that is a good morning, wife.”

“The kind only you can give,” Livie told him, nuzzling underneath his chin. One hand lifted to run along the side of his head, just beneath the edge of his Mohawk. “You need to shave before work.”

And there it was, damn reality creeping in. Dain sighed. “Right.”

There was still time for a little play as he washed her body, then his. When they exited the shower together, he was hard again and Livie was chuckling at his predicament. “That’s what you get for messing around before work.”

“You could come take care of it for me, wife.”

“I could.” She wrapped a towel around her naked body and headed for the bedroom. “Unfortunately you picked a morning when I have a meeting. Sorry!”

“Tease,” he called after her, but his lips curled into a smile as he turned to the sink to shave. “You better make up for that when you get home tonight!”