So summer is the time for releases, it seems, at least for me. First up, ASSASSIN’S PREY! This follow-up novella to ASSASSIN’S MARK will begin releasing on Radish Fiction*on MAY 29th! The first seven episodes will release first (episodes 1-3 are free), and I’ll release three episodes a week thereafter. I can’t wait for you to get inside Levi’s head.

You can read ASSASSIN’S MARK from beginning to end, no stopping, right now on Radish Fiction. And bonus! You can subscribe to ASSASSIN’S PREY and be notified as soon as the first episodes release. Quick and easy, and you don’t have to worry about a thing. 😃



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I killed my first man at the age of twelve. I've been killing ever since. I thought it was all I lived for…until Abby. Until the woman I'd kidnapped became the woman I couldn't walk away from.

She owns a piece of me I wouldn't take back, but the rest? The only way to protect her is to hold back the parts inside me that are too ugly to ever reveal. I'll keep her safe, even from me.

And it works. We have the nights, and I hunt my way through the days. Alone.

Until an attack reveals a threat we didn't see coming. One that could take away the dream I didn't realize I had.

Everything. With her.

I'm on the hunt of my life. My prey might run, but in this fight—for her, for us—they don't stand a chance.


*Radish Fiction is a reading app available for IOS and Android. And it’s FREE. Simply download from your app store, create your account, and begin reading!


But that’s not all I’ve got coming up! While I’m frantically writing on ASSASSIN’S PREY, I’m also finishing up the third book in the IF ONLY series, ONLY FOR THE MOMENT. The official release date has been decided, y’all: JUNE 11th

This book has been a long time coming. My veteran readers have been patient when it comes to Kennedy O’Connell’s story, and it’s almost here. Look for more information (and maybe a preorder link!) coming at the end of May. The summer will definitely heat up when Kennedy meets her match in Isaac Anschau!



He can tie up all her objections, but what about her heart?

Kennedy O’Connell’s life is perfect—a great job, plenty of friends, a brother who loves her. The chaos that ruled her childhood is gone, and she couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, her mischievous streak tends to get her in trouble, and when she walks into her favorite spa to find a sexy Australian rock star taking her place, she can’t resist a little fun.

Isaac Anschau has spent five years chasing his dream. His rock royalty status can’t be denied, but his demons are catching up with him—he’s burned out, his creativity decimated. Until a redheaded vixen decides she wants to play, and he discovers a way to leave his nightmares behind. There’s just one problem: Kennedy is dead-set against submitting, despite the way she melts when his Dom side comes out.

They’ve got nothing to lose by walking away, and everything to gain if they give in to the raging hunger between them. Baring their bodies would take only a moment. Baring their souls could take a lifetime.