What’s coming in 2019?


 First up is book three in the ASSASSINS series. ASSASSIN’S HEART will be exclusive to Radish Fiction for six months before it releases wide. (More on that below.) This is Remi Agosti’s story.


My brother believes he made me a killer. The truth is, I’ve always been different. I can smile while sliding a knife between your ribs—and not feel a moment of regret.

 Until Leah.

 A man like me shouldn’t have a family. But the minute I opened my eyes from a coma and saw her, I knew I’d forever be tied to her. A nurse who nurtures life. A mother.

 I’ve stalked her for two years, unable to stop but refusing to give in to the need to have her. To love her. Until the night her daughter is taken. I’ll light up the world to get Leah’s child back to her.

 And then I’ll walk away for good. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because I know how she’ll look at me after seeing who I truly am.

 She’ll see the murderer inside me. And God help me, but she’ll be right.


 ASSASSIN’S HEART will begin mid-January. But that’s not the only news in the ASSASSINS world. Books one and two in this series will be releasing wide! ASSASSIN’S MARK will release in April, 2019. ASSASSIN’S PREY will release three months later, in July. (And yes, ASSASSIN’S HEART will release wide in October, 2019. Not to mention that book four, Eli’s story, will be coming this year too!)

 But ASSASSINS isn’t the only series getting some love in 2019. SOUTHERN NIGHTS: ENIGMA will also have a couple of books coming. King’s book, DENY ME, will release in June, and Saint’s book is coming at the end of the year. 

 I’m exhausted just thinking about it all! 😝

 This year is definitely going to be busy. There are lots of things to look forward to, so check back often. Or better yet, sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!