Steam & Suspense Come to the Web!

Ella Sheridan, erotic romance, romantic suspense, romanceWow! My first post on my new website! Of course, I'm not completely unfamiliar to the Web -- I've been running The Mutual Admiration Society, an accountability blog for writers, for over a year now. At TMAS I encourage writers, including myself, to meet and exceed their goals for their career. But now it's time to connect with readers and get you interested in my stories. Be sure and visit the About Me page and the In the Works page for information on what I'm all about. As I pursue publication, I want you to share the journey, to share the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of creating a story, refining a story, and presenting a story to the public. I'll also be sharing some of my writer friends' stories and helping you get to know them as well, so check out the Links section for more on them.

I'm very excited you are here and look forward to spending time with you! You can also connect with me on Facebook  at Ella Sheridan. I'll be setting up a regular posting schedule soon, so be sure to check back!