Talk About Me?

Ugh! I've been managing to blog one way or another for over a year to encourage other writers, but the minute I set up a two-week schedule for my own site, my mind went completely blank! I both love and hate talking about me. I mean, who doesn't love talking about themselves -- we all have something we want to add to the conversation, right? But this is harder because I'm trying to pick out the bits that really tell you something, that give you some inkling about who I am aside from the person who can encourage and direct writers in their writing journey. So, who am I?stairs, who am I?, ella sheridan, talk about me?, self-aware, internal journey, angst, romance, romatic suspense, paranormal romance, blog, writer, author

Honestly, sometimes I have no idea. :) The older I get, the more I feel like a never-ending spiral of stairs I'll never get to the end of, especially on those "what the he** am I doing?" kind of days. Recently a friend of mine was describing the man in her life, saying he wasn't "self-aware." I'm probably at the other end -- too self-aware. I'm all up in my head, which might be why my body looks like a couch potato rather than a marathon runner, lol.

Hmm, I've never considered that. Maybe I should...

But back to what I was saying. Maybe that's why I write on the darker side, gritty and angsty. Because I'm all about the internal journey. Even with my background in martial arts, which guarantees I love a good fight, it's the internal journey, the fight within ourselves, that most fascinates me. And there's nothing I enjoy more than throwing something at my characters that they're definitely going to struggle with -- I'm sadistic that way. ;)

So what about you? If you had to answer the question "Who am I?" what would you say?