My daughter's fourteenth birthday was on Mother's Day. It's so hard to believe my mother and daughter, hands, walking together, Ella Sheridan, Mother's Day, daughter, mother, motherhood, writerbaby is not just a teen, but will be driving a car (with supervision) in a year. Every birthday it's harder to let go that little bit and let her become more and more independent. But I do it, and she does, and she amazes me with every step. Sometimes at night I go into her room and she's left her bedside lamp on as she went to sleep. I'll reach to turn it off, and before I do, I look over at my little girl. Such a blessing, and such a curse. A blessing because she is everything I could've wanted in a child, just as her brother is. And a curse because I never realized how much it would tear my heart out to let go. Most days I'm fine with her getting older and knowing she'll be taking on life with her usual roar, but some days I wonder how I'll ever stop worrying about her when she's not with me all the time. She's a warrior, a nurturer, an amazing human being, but she's also my little one, and sometimes I already miss her.

Note that this isn't true when she's whining about chores! c;

On Mother's Day my husband and kids gave me a beautiful card (among other things). The card basically said God knew what He was doing when He chose me to be the wife and mother in this little family we have. That He knew just who would fit with whom, and when He put the four of us together, it was just right. The card was right, but not just about me--about them too. He chose them so that they would fit me just right, and what a blessing it has been that He gave me a daughter so wonderful, so full of life, that I couldn't help but love her.

She is more than just a daughter; she's my miracle.

*Photo by StephanieandMelanie