Off We Go...

Forgive me a minute while I go all fan girl, not over a person -- although that's usually where I go with this -- but over a place. Ireland. Why? Because next week, for the very first time, I will leave the US for another country, namely Ireland. I can't tell you how excited I am, but I'll try. I!!!!!!!!!!!  AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I thought I'd share some pictures of things I hope to see on my trip. Oddly enough, looking at the countryside of Ireland reminds me of the countryside where I grew up in the Deep South, though it also holds a mystic quality that fascinates and amazes me. Maybe y'all will enjoy the beauty of this country as much as I do.

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Ireland, travel, Ella Sheridan, Trinity College, trip

O'Connell Street, Dublin, Ireland

O'Connell Street, Dublin, Ireland, travel, trip, Ella SheridanChrist Church, Dublin, Ireland

Christ Church, Dublin, Ireland, travel, trip, Ella SheridanSkellig Michael, Ireland

Skellig Michael, Ireland, Ring of Kerry, travel, trip, Ella Sheridan

Blarney Castle, Ireland

Blarney Castle, Ireland, travel, trip, Ella SheridanWaterford, Ireland

Waterford, Ireland, travel, trip, Ella Sheridan

*Photos by William Murphy, amerune,