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ella sheridan, erotic romance, romance, author, writer, secrets to hide, naughty little christmas, dirty little secret, damien and harley, backstage passIt's the last week to get the Secrets To Hide series on sale at All Romance ebooks! To celebrate -- and give you a sneak peek into the fun second installment in the series -- I've gathered some of my favorite quotes from Naughty Little Christmas to share with you. Have fun delving into Harley and Damien's explosive relationship -- then pop on over to ARe get your copy today! Chapter One

The Christmas lights illuminating the area glinted in her eyes, and he couldn't keep his fucking gaze off her. Which was bad, because he didn't do employees -- ever. And he wanted to do her, no doubt about it.      ~ Damien

Chapter Two

"So what was he like?" Cassie asked.

Shifting her purse higher on her shoulder, Harley tried to give herself time to think. "A real dickhead at first." She snorted at the memory of the way she'd shaken in her high-heeled boots those first few minutes after meeting him. "But I wore him down."

Chapter Three

"Uh-oh. Harley, what did you do to put such a big, bad frown on our boss's face?"

"Me?" She pulled her hand out of Marc's grasp in protest. "Nothing. From my experience, this is his permanent expression."

Chapter Four

"You're the one playing games. Go play with yourself and leave me out of it."

Between one breath and the next, she found herself pinned face-first against the nearby wall, Damien's arms sandwiching her between his hard frame and the unyielding surface. "I'd rather you played with me," he whispered, the sound rough, raspy in her ear.

Chapter Five

"Congratulations, Wonder Girl." And then he was lifting his head, those sinful lips coming closer and closer. They scraped, whisper soft, across her own. Harley couldn't resist the need to lick her lips, to savor his taste. The sight of her tongue obviously gave Damien other ideas, because he swooped up for another kiss, this one anything but soft. He devoured her, sucked on her tongue, and rolled her beneath him to hold her still as he took his pleasure from her mouth. Harley moaned deep in her throat. So good. He felt so good surrounding her, and she wondered in that instant if it was even possible to get enough of what this man was giving her.

Chapter Six

"If you think I'm going to pussyfoot around like you're some simpering idiot, think again. I am far too hungry to even consider that road, but neither am I willing to downplay what we're about to do together. Whether it's your first time or your hundredth, it's your first time with me, and contrary to what I've thought with every other woman in my life, this means something to me."      ~ Damien

Chapter Seven

"What is it with you and this chick, Damien? You were barking at me the first time I met her. Like a dog with a bone," Ian muttered.

"She's not a chick, and she doesn't have great--" He couldn't finish that sentence, not only because it was an outright lie -- Harley had the most mouthwatering breasts he'd ever gotten his hands on, and he'd had his hands on plenty -- but because Ryan was red and choking and Alex looked completely baffled by the whole conversation. And he didn't want to discuss Harley's breasts, damn it, not with Ian or any other man.

Chapter Eightella sheridan, romance, author, erotic romance, paranormal romance, naughty little christmas, dirty little secret, sale, book, ebook, ARe, All Romance Ebooks, Loose Id

"I want," he said as he reached for a small bag on the mantel, "to run one of these candies over every inch of your body. I want to taste the sweetness on your skin, taste you, until every time I put one in my mouth, all I can think about is you. Tonight." The last word scraped across his vocal cords as he took her hand and pulled her toward the bed. "Now strip."      ~ Damien

Chapter Nine

Cheers roared through the room. Couple grabbed each other, kissing passionately. Singles tooted their party horns and threw confetti in the air. Chaos erupted, but all Damien could see was the stage, where Aftershock stood with Sound on Fire, waiting for the cue to begin playing. The lead singers' antics pumped up the crowd. A couple of the musicians jumped down from the stage, grabbing a pretty girl to lay one on. And far in the back, Harley stood, her bass cuddled to her chest like a shield, the look in her eyes as lost as he felt.

Chapter Ten

He itched to touch her, but more than that, he itched to fist that hair, hold her down, and torture her until they found a way around the gulf that separated them. Until he found a way to reconcile the pain he felt with the love that tore him up inside, a way not to be so goddamn angry at wanting her and needing her and knowing he could never trust her again.      ~ Damien

Chapter Eleven

"I've seen you naked before, Harley. It's not a big deal."

Lightning didn't strike, which kinda surprised him.

"You -- Grr! Get out!" Harley actually stomped her foot, which did fantastic things to her already fantastic breasts. His zipper creaked in appreciation.

"Sure." He went to duck out, then popped his head back around the door, forcing his laughter back by sheer willpower. "Um, onesie?"

Harley turned her back then. Even from across the small room and with blurring plastic between them, he could see a red flush covering her neck and the tops of her shoulders. "In the laundry room, dumb-ass!"

Chapter Twelve

Since she'd been a little girl with that tiny Christmas tree on her nightstand, she'd wanted the perfect Christmas gift. Now, all these years later, she knew that gift wasn't a what but a who. Two whos.

ella sheridan, erotic romance, dirty little secret, secrets to hide, loose idKlio, her sweet, sweet baby.

And Damien.

Merry Christmas to me.

~ Harley

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~ Ella