Funny Friday

Funny Friday: Fabio is Fabulous!

You all know I love Fabio -- all those book covers, all that hair... *sigh* Recently I came across a "discussion" of the great romance hero on one of my husband's all-time favorite shows: Mystery Science Theater 3000. I thought, since it had me howling with laughter, y'all might enjoy it too. :) [youtube]

You are welcome!

~ Ella

A Halloween Friday Funny

What happens when you videotape bats, then flip the video upside down? Take a look -- and melt at the cuteness! [youtube]



Funny Friday: "You Don't Read?!?!"

Buzz-Lightyear-Sad-Strange-Little-Man Kristin Scatton's The 6 Reactions Book-Lovers Have To People Who Don't Read is so painfully true...and so genuinely funny. I once spoke with a fellow author who said she didn't read, not because she didn't have time or was too busy, but because she just couldn't get through other people's books. My response -- after I picked my jaw up off the floor -- was similar to my favorite line from this article:

"I see your lips moving. I hear words coming out of your mouth. They sound like English, but I can’t comprehend them."

What's your response when people tell you they don't read?

~ Ella

Funny Friday: The Writer's Life...

Sometimes when you sit down at the computer, ideas buzzing in your head, you find that sweet communion with your muse and out pours the story you long to tell. And then some days, you sit down at the computer, ideas buzzing in your head...and you get this:


~ Ella

Funny Friday: Man Candy

I write romance, and for those of you who aren't around romance authors very much, we see (and search out!) a lot of what we call "man candy." Why do we call it that? Because a good-looking man is sweet to look at, that's why! So today I wanted to share a meme one reader posted to the Nice Girls Writing Naughty Facebook Group that made me laugh. And yes, we all thanked her. ;) Enjoy your Funny Friday!

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Funny Friday: Fabio IS the Man!

ella sheridan, author, writer, romance author, contemporary romance, erotic romance, fabio, romance covers, romance cover modes, funny fridayYes, Fabio. The guy that made millions of women swoon on romance covers for a decade (or more). Turns out, he's not just a romance-cover hero -- he's also fabulously funny and PATIENT. Don't believe me? Check out this post on Mandatory; it'll prove you wrong:

12 Pics of Fabio Posing with Strangers Like They're on a Romance Cover

Told ya!

~ Ella

Funny Friday: Richard Castle and Grammar

ella sheridan, author, writer, romance author, erotic romance, romantic suspense, richard castle, grammar tips, punctuation tips, funny fridayWhat writer doesn't love Castle? I mean, come on, he's Nathan Fillion, and, well, Nathan Fillion! *swoon*

This post on Buzzfeed, 7 Helpful Grammar Tips From Richard Castle, gives us helpful grammar tips -- and yummy eye candy at the same time. ;)


~ Ella

Funny Friday: A Little Editing Humor Here

So I'm deep into revisions at the moment, working on the first Southern Nights novel. I can't wait for you to meet Conlan and Jess! But in the meantime, I thought I'd give you a good look at what I'm doing right now, the prep phase. This:

funny friday, ella sheridan, romance, erotic romance, revisions, writer, authorEnjoy your weekend!

~ Ella

Funny Friday: The Craziest Places To...Um...Have Sex

ella sheridan, author, writer, romance author, erotic romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, writing, sex, sex in canoes, weird author conversations, funny fridayWe romance writers, especially those of us with an erotic bent, can have some pretty weird conversations among ourselves, conversations like...oh..."where's the craziest place you've ever had sex?" And yes, we give some pretty out-there answers sometimes. ;) Here's how a few erotica authors answered the same question from Buzzfeed's Arianna Rebolini. Enjoy! ~ Ella

The 14 Craziest Places Where Erotica Writers Have Boned


*Photo courtesy of Jon 'ShakataGaNai' Davis.

Funny Friday: Parents...Oy!

Today is my son's birthday -- YAY!!!! In honor of the thirteen years I've spent parenting him ( :D ), I thought I'd share some seriously spectacular parenting fails when it comes to technology. I love the Autocorrect fails posts, but here's one on Buzzfeed directly related to parents. It's funny stuff like this: enhanced-10306-1400786609-5

There's tons more funny stuff where this came from. And don't stop halfway -- the last entry is...jeez...hilarious.Kinda reminds me of my grandmother... :)

26 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn't Be Allowed to Have Phones

by Dave Stopera


~ Ella


Funny Friday: T-shirt Sayings

This past week, a T-shirt I ordered from a campaign on Teespring came in, one I absolutely love. front

The shirt was designed for author Jayne Rylon, and I saw it on her Facebook page. I loved it so much, I ordered two -- one for day, and one to sleep in. ;)

Then, this morning, when I went on FB, I saw another Teespring campaign, this one from author Kallypso Masters:


I might have to have that one too! (By the way, Kallypso is still running her campaign, so if you love this T-shirt as much as I do, go here.)

These two great T-shirts got me thinking about Christmastime and how my daughter and I like to sit and peruse the hundreds of catalogs that come in the mail just so we can read all the T-shirt sayings that crack us up. So, I thought I'd share a couple with you that made me laugh this morning (although I think the "Good Book" shirt above has got to be one of my favorites!). Any of these can be found with a simple Google search of the quote. Without further ado...

front2 (Having totally kinky curly hair, I get this one, lol!)


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And probably my personal favorite, having been raised with the story of Daniel and the lion's den (and wondering the whole time if I would've been the one eaten...):



Now, go forth and have a very funny Friday -- and don't forget to wear an interesting T-shirt!

~ Ella