A Little Betrayal

I have this weird quirk when it comes to romance: I love betrayal.

I'm not talking cheating, but when a hero does something so wrong that it tears the couple apart—and he has to work hard to pull them back together. That's my favorite part, actually! 😉 Maybe it's because I'm drawn to a hint of the bastard hero, though only if he's redeemable (and seriously motivated). Or maybe it's that I love it when an alpha male willingly humbles himself to win back the woman he loves.


That probably seems odd for someone who absolutely cannot read a book without an HEA, but there it is, my confession!

Here are just a few of my favorite "betrayal" stories:

After the Night (Linda Howard)
Shades of Twilight (Linda again – she's really good at this, and OMG do I love this book!)
Coyote's Mate (Lora Leigh)
MacRieve (Kresley Cole)

What about you? Any confessions about story lines you love and why?