Perfect Gentlemen

Down and Dirty Heroes Can be Politicians?

I love reading a down-and-dirty hero, but I recently delved into a series that includes heroes I never thought I’d like: politicians. Of course, these aren’t your typical politicians—they’re actually good, if powerful and ruthless, men—but still… My husband loves watching political saga movies/TV shows, either contemporary or dystopian, and I just sit on the couch and groan. I hate political drama, machinations, lies, but I LOVE THIS SERIES. (And it doesn’t hurt that they’ve mixed in some of my favorite hero types: security specialists and special agents, woot!)


Which series is it?


It’s the Perfect Gentlemen series from Lexi Blake and Shayla Black! The publisher put it on hold last year, likely because of the election and all the ensuing issues, but it’s finally back, and I can’t tell you how excited I am that book four has just come out and book five, the one that features the president of the United States, will be out next year. SQUEEE!!!!


Have you read any of this series? What did you think? Which book is your favorite so far?


If you want to check out Lexi’s and Shayla’s other books, you can find them here: