Teacher's Pet Blog Hop

NGWN Teacher's Pet Blog Hop

Hello, everyone! I'm so glad you're visiting for Ms. Dakota Trace's NGWN blog hop, Teacher's Pet! I have my very own pet below. ;) Don't forget to gather your facts about him and return to the NGWN blog to enter the information and gain a chance to win that $50 gift certificate! Now here's my pet:

ella sheridan, author, writer, romance author, erotic romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, Teacher's Pet Blog Hop, NGWN, Nice Girls Writing Naughty, Brad, Just a Little More, Secrets To Hide series, Loose IdBrad is the hero from my latest release, Just a Little More. Here are five fast facts about him:

1. In high school, Brad was voted most likely to become a father early. He spent way too much time watching over all his friends -- and going out with the girls. ;)

2. The craziest thing Brad did in high school was...fall in love with his best friend. Oh, and there was that incident in the janitorial closet with what's her name, but we won't mention that...

3. Growing up, Brad wanted to be just like his big brother, Michael.

4. In college, Brad's crush was Angel, his best friend, but she lived hundreds of miles away. No other woman would do.

5. In high school, Brad was president of the student body. They were his responsibility, you know, and he had to take care of them. :)

There you have it! Brad was a favorite with the girls and all the boys looked up to him. So what happened after his illustrious high school/college career? Find out in Brad and Angel's book, Just a Little More:

ella sheridan, author, writer, romance author, secrets to hide series, just a little more, naughty little christmas, dirty little secret, loose id, erotic romance, romantic suspenseSix weeks ago Angel had it all—a brand-new master’s degree, an apartment with her best friend, Brad, and the chance to take their friendship to a whole hot new level. But on the night of their first kiss, a would-be rapist ripped her bright future apart. Stuck in a never-ending cycle of fear and depression, Angel is determined to find herself again, even if it means putting herself at risk.

Brad has loved Angel since he saved her from a playground bully in the fifth grade. But just as it seemed Angel’s eyes were opening to the true feelings between them, it all fell apart. When Angel disappears on the night of a freak snowstorm, Brad is determined to find her. And when he does, he won’t let her hide any longer. It’s time to wake her up—to a life without fear, and to a love that can heal the deepest wounds.

Just a Little More is available at Loose Id, Amazon, ARe, B&N, and Kobo. And don't forget to go back and fill out your entry for the NGWN Teacher's Pet Blog Hop Grand Prize!!!