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The Assassin


If you’ve been waiting, THE ASSASSIN is finally here as a complete e-book—and it’s FREE! Read it now before ASSASSIN’S MARK arrives. Take the risk…⠀

The Assassin⠀⠀

I’m a cold-blooded killer with no room in my heart for anyone but the brothers I raised on the streets. In the world I’ve created, there’s only one rule:⠀⠀

Don’t harm the innocent.⠀⠀

And I’m about to break it. With her.⠀


I can’t remember what my first BDSM romance read was. I can tell you who my first favorite was, though: Cherise Sinclair. Her Shadowlands series, with sexy Doms and women who match them in strength and love, are perennial favorites for me.


The series is up to twelve books, but oddly enough, my favorite has always been #2, Dark Citadel. The schoolteacher, raised naive and totally unsure if she really fits in the world she’s so desperately interested in, was always uniquely relatable for me. And her cop Dom, widowed and scarred, has the perfect touch of asshole in him. (Yes, I do enjoy a touch of asshole attitude in my heroes, but only if he’s redeemed of his asshole ways by the end, LOL!)


Have you read this series? Which book is your favorite? Does a dominating cop and a sweetly shy schoolteacher sound like a story that would hold your attention?

FUN New Contest!

I've got a contest going this week to guess my next book hero! Before I reveal the details, I thought it might be exciting to have my readers guess -- and possibly win a little treat ($15 Amazon Gift Card). :) Check out the hints on the photo below, then go to the Rafflecopter giveaway to enter your best guess (no points off for wrong names either!). The winner will be revealed (as well as the hero) in my newsletter this weekend and here on the blog. (Contest ends Saturday, 7/18.) Contest picTo enter, go to the Rafflecopter giveaway page and enter your best guess! And if you want to learn more about this sexy hero, sign up for my newsletter before this weekend.

Have a great week!

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What I've Been Reading: Tempting Her Best Friend by Gina Maxwell

ella sheridan, author, writer, romance author, erotic romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, what I've been reading, gina l. maxwell, tempting her best friend, what happens in vegas, entangled publishing, fun romanceLet's just say, this summer hasn't been the easiest for me. In fact sometimes I thought my to-do list was trying to drown me. :) So to say that I needed a little lightening up was a drastic understatement. And my good friend Gina L. Maxwell's new release, Tempting Her Best Friend, did just that!

If she had to dress like Nightclub Barbie for a few days to get Dillon to see her as a woman and not some asexual being, then that was what she'd do. Anything to ensure success for Operation: Damn, Aly's Hot and I Totally Want To Do Her.

I quoted this line on Facebook too, probably because it almost made Coke shoot out my nose. This is the kind of snarky humor Gina provides -- and that I love. I'm not your typical romantic comedy reader, and I admire those writers a great deal because humor is so hard to get across, but Gina just has the right wit for my funny bone. :) Putting the hero in a Tarzan costume and dumping him in the midst of a horde of ravenous romance readers is hilarious. There's just so much about this book that is fun that I spent most of the time sniggering behind my Kindle while I waited for my kids to finish all the activities I'd dropped them off for around town. Yes, I got a lot of sidelong, oddball looks, but who cares -- I was enjoying a book! I think you would enjoy it too.

And lest you think that humor is all this book has going for it, think again -- the sex is hot and steamy and intimately emotional. Gina is known for her intensely erotic love scenes, and Tempting Her Best Friend delivers on that front as well as it delivers on humor.

Her vision started to blur at the edges until all she could see was the ruggedly handsome face above her. So much like the friend she'd known her whole life, and yet so very different. As her brain struggled to reconcile the old and the new, her body shorted everything out that wasn't necessary for surviving a tactile flood of epic proportions.

She vaguely heard herself repeatedly begging for "more" sprinkled with the occasional commands for "faster" and "harder."

Alyssa had never been one to talk during sex. She'd always thought it was because she wasn't one to lose her composure, even in the bedroom. Apparently she'd just never been given the proper inspiration.

Tempting Her Best Friend is the first book in Entangled's new Lovestruck line, and while I'm the first to admit I don't usually enjoy "category" romance, this book doesn't read category to me any more than Gina's other books do. It's a fun, flirty read with characters I related to, and their journey into love was supremely satisfying to this reader. You can check the book out today (because it releases today -- woot!) at Amazon for only $0.99. The sale price is ONLY FOR THIS WEEK, so get it while you can!

Don't forget, if you’d like to keep up-to-date with all the exciting things I've got going on these days -- besides taking time out to read great books! -- be sure and sign up for my newsletter. I'm not quite as funny as Gina, but I do promise man candy that will make you smile. ;)

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Sizzling Summer Nights Blog Hop

Welcome to the JustRomance.Me's Sizzling Summer Nights Blog Hop! Tons of prizes and tons of sizzling hot romances are up for grabs this weekend, including a Kindle Fire -- how's that for sizzling? :) Keep this up and we'll need to look like this guy <---- by the end of the hop, all wet and...okay, he doesn't look like that water has helped him cool off, does he? That smouldering look. Those muscles. That hair you just itch to run your fingers through. Ahem. Where was I?

Oh, right. Sizzling hot romances. Well, what makes a romance "hot" for me is certainly the hero! Much like Mr. Sexy over there, each of my books has a hero that leaves me melted into a puddle. I thought you might like to be introduced, because, you know, we can never have too much eye candy, right? ;)

Great! So here are the heroes of my Secrets To Hide series:

Alex Brannigan (Dirty Little Secret, STH #1)ella sheridan, erotic romance, contemporary romance, Loose Id, new release

Job: Vice President of Keane Industries, a top US technology company

Stats: 36, dark hair and eyes, 6'2" and muscular

Weakness: a curvy blonde with the sweetest caramel-colored eyes he's ever seen -- and a body that tempts him to sin

What I picture Alex looking like:

ella sheridan, author, writer, romance author, erotic romance, contemporary romance, dirty little secret, secrets to hide series, hunky heroes, romance alpha heroes


Damien Adams (Naughty Little Christmas, STH #2)ella sheridan, erotic romance, romance, author, writer, secrets to hide, naughty little christmas, dirty little secret, damien and harley, backstage pass

Job: owner of three of the hottest nightclubs across the US

Stats: 36, boyish good looks, brown eyes, 6'3" with a broad chest and shoulders to cry over

Weakness: LifeSavers Strawberries & Cream candies -- and the woman whose hair reminds him of them

What I picture Damien looking like:

Colin Farrell 3

*feeling faint*

Brad Donovan (Just a Little More, STH #3)ella sheridan, author, writer, romance author, erotic romance, contemporary romance, just a little more, secrets to hide series, loose id, alpha heroes bartender heroes, romance heroes

Job: charming bartender and manager in training at Thrice

Stats: 23, thick blond hair with brown lowlights that make you want to delve into them, 6'2", sexy gray eyes

Weakness: the spunky woman he fell in love with way back in the fifth grade

Here's what I picture Brad looking like:

ella sheridan, author, writer, romance author, erotic romance, contemporary romance, just a little more, secrets to hide series, brad donovan, alpha heroes

So what do you think? Hunky heroes, right? If you'd like to read about them, check out my Bookshelf page for more sizzling hot details. And before you dash off to visit the other authors on the blog hop, don't forget to comment below for a chance to win a copy of Brad's book, Just a Little More. to more Sizzling Summer Nights stops! :)

*Final photo courtesy of Michael Kelly.