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Assassin's Heart!


In case you haven’t heard, I’ve been releasing a few books lately.😉 ASSASSIN’S PREY released just yesterday, and the next installment in the series will be out AUGUST 26TH!


My brother believes he made me a killer. The truth is, I’ve always been different. I can smile while sliding a knife between your ribs—and not feel a moment of regret.

 Until Leah.

 A man like me shouldn’t have a family. But the minute I opened my eyes from a coma and saw her, I knew I’d forever be tied to her. A nurse who nurtures life. A mother.

 I’ve stalked her for two years, unable to stop but refusing to give in to the need to have her. To love her. Until the night her daughter is taken. I’ll light up the world to get Leah’s child back to her.

 And then I’ll walk away for good. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because I know how she’ll look at me after seeing who I truly am.

 She’ll see the murderer inside me. And God help me, but she’ll be right.

Funny Friday: Fabio IS the Man!

ella sheridan, author, writer, romance author, contemporary romance, erotic romance, fabio, romance covers, romance cover modes, funny fridayYes, Fabio. The guy that made millions of women swoon on romance covers for a decade (or more). Turns out, he's not just a romance-cover hero -- he's also fabulously funny and PATIENT. Don't believe me? Check out this post on Mandatory; it'll prove you wrong:

12 Pics of Fabio Posing with Strangers Like They're on a Romance Cover

Told ya!

~ Ella

Funny Friday: Fabio!

This has to be the funniest "romance cover" commentary I've seen in a while. Hilarious! Check it out: 19 Things Fabio Is Actually Thinking on His Romance Novel Covers

ella sheridan, romance, romance author, erotic romance, romance novel covers, fabio, funny friday;) Enjoy your weekend!

~ Ella