March Update

kitty in boxWhere have I been? (Sometimes that's what I'd like to know...) It's been a long couple of weeks of being sick around Chez Sheridan, which is why the blog is currently empty of oh-so-sparkling commentary. ;) I just haven't been able to kick this whatever-it-is yet, but hopefully I'll be back on track soon. I DO hope all of you are feeling much better than I am. In other news, the website is about to get an update -- WOO HOO! Yes, there will be new and wondrous things coming this month: new colors, new man candy, new layouts. Lots of stuff to "ooh" and "aah" over. I feel sorta like a girl about to change the color of her room -- a little giddy and a lot happy.

TAKE ME is underway as well. I'm hoping to have news of a release date soon. Rough draft is getting an overhaul, including new characters, more smexy stuff, definitely more Sam (Gabe's pushy, doncha know, and takes up a lot of page space). Hey, working with two heroes is not as easy as it sounds. ;) But I love these two tough guys and their tough-as-nails heroine. I can't wait to share Gabe, Sam, and Peyton's story with all of you!

And now, I apologize, but after that short and somewhat unsatisfying update, I'm heading back to bed. Can someone bring me a magic get-well pill? No? A whiskey with honey then -- pleeeeaaaase?

Until next week...

~ Ella