Fall Updates!

Is it really already fall? It doesn't feel like it here in the South. It's still hot and muggy and sticky. Ugh! But the cotton is starting to puff out in fluffy white balls, so cool weather isn't too far off.

The summer has definitely been busy. I spent it at the coffee shop near my house, typing and editing madly in an effort to get new books to you. So what's coming? I guess it's time I let you know... ;)

The first Archai Warriors book, Griffin Undone, is almost ready. BUT...there's always a but, isn't there? *insert evil laugh here* BUT I've decided not to torture you with a new release in a new genre with no second book ready yet. So I'll be holding on to Griffin until book two is almost complete, and then I'll let you know about a release. No worries! It should be this coming spring if Sun and his warriors will cooperate. His woman, Risk, might make things difficult though!

In the meantime, I'm currently working on two books at once, the next installments in the Southern Nights series. Teach Me and Trust Me, books one and two in the series, were based on Conlan James and Jack Quinn, owners of JCL Security. The next trilogy (and bonus novella) will be centered on one of Jack and Con's security teams. Want to meet them?

Dain Brannan, AKA "Daddy"

Position: Team Lead; in charge of intel and research.

Dain is known for taking care of his team, especially their female member, Elliot, as well as he takes care of the love of his life, his wife, Olivia.

* * *

Elliot Smith, AKA "Otter"

Position: Dain's Second in Command

Elliot is as surly as she is secretive. The team calls her Otter because she's anything but playful.

* * *

Kingsley Moncrief, AKA "King"

Position: Team Liason

King might've been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but when it comes to danger, he's deadly.

* * *

Saint Ignatius Solorio, AKA "Saint"

Position: Weapons and Logistics Specialist

Iggy might be the joker of the group, but when it comes to his name, he's not laughing, so don't make fun. You don't want to end up on the wrong side of his weapons.

* * *

The team's stories begin late this fall with Dain and Olivia's story, as yet untitled. In the meantime, I'll be releasing the first three Southern Nights books in an all-in-one e-book anthology, so keep an eye on your inbox this fall!

March Update

kitty in boxWhere have I been? (Sometimes that's what I'd like to know...) It's been a long couple of weeks of being sick around Chez Sheridan, which is why the blog is currently empty of oh-so-sparkling commentary. ;) I just haven't been able to kick this whatever-it-is yet, but hopefully I'll be back on track soon. I DO hope all of you are feeling much better than I am. In other news, the website is about to get an update -- WOO HOO! Yes, there will be new and wondrous things coming this month: new colors, new man candy, new layouts. Lots of stuff to "ooh" and "aah" over. I feel sorta like a girl about to change the color of her room -- a little giddy and a lot happy.

TAKE ME is underway as well. I'm hoping to have news of a release date soon. Rough draft is getting an overhaul, including new characters, more smexy stuff, definitely more Sam (Gabe's pushy, doncha know, and takes up a lot of page space). Hey, working with two heroes is not as easy as it sounds. ;) But I love these two tough guys and their tough-as-nails heroine. I can't wait to share Gabe, Sam, and Peyton's story with all of you!

And now, I apologize, but after that short and somewhat unsatisfying update, I'm heading back to bed. Can someone bring me a magic get-well pill? No? A whiskey with honey then -- pleeeeaaaase?

Until next week...

~ Ella