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Weekly Web Search: Getting a Grip on Overwhelm

ella sheridan, romance author, erotic romance, overwhelmedIn keeping with our theme of getting back an enjoyable life, I was doing some searching and found this wonderful website, lifeorganizers.com. Tons of awesome ideas there. This article in particular struck me because I have spent most of the past year overwhelmed. My favorite suggestion? Train your brain!

"In order to get out of overwhelm, your mind must first understand that you -- just like every other person on the planet -- only has 24 hours each day to work with... Bottom line: You can't cram 48 hours worth of work into 24 and expect to feel good about it. You just can't."

Check out the rest of the article here -- and let me know what you think. Any ideas you think will help you get a handle on that "overwhelmed" feeling?

Weekly Web Search: Ode to Colin Farrell

ella sheridan, damien, damien adams, colin farrell, naughty little christmas, dirty little secret, secrets, secrets to hide series, erotic romance, contemporary romance, loose id, christmasOkay, y'all, I couldn't resist. With the exciting news yesterday -- title and release date for Damien's Christmas story -- I had to point you in the direction of my inspiration for Damien. Colin Farrell is TO DIE FOR!!! He's beautiful, and the perfect inspiration for my bad boy in the bar, sexy boy in the bed, and sweet boy when he's holding his woman in his arms. (And he doesn't dance bad either. :) ) So have a gander over at Colin's official website, and while you're looking at all those pictures, keep Damien in mind. He'll be available for your "pleasure" on Christmas Eve in his very own book, Naughty Little Christmas!



Weekly Web Search: For All You Writers Out There

ella sheridan, romance writer, erotic romance, writing, chuck wendig, terribleminds, what writers should stop doingI occasionally find links to posts by Chuck Wendig peppering Facebook. His blog, terribleminds, is often totally inappropriate, which might be why I like the articles of his I've read: no holds barred, totally irreverent, but usually so totally true as well. This past week someone linked to an older post of Chuck's about what we as writers should not do (as opposed to all the multitude of things we're told we should, every day, day in and day out--it's exhausting). So, writers, read this post and take a good, long look at your writing life. Are there things you need to change? Here's one of my faves: "Fear is nonsense. What do you think is going to happen? You’re going to be eaten by tigers? Life will afford you lots of reasons to be afraid: bees, kidnappers, terrorism, being chewed apart by an escalator, Republicans, Snooki. But being a writer is nothing worthy of fear. It’s worthy of praise. And triumph. And fireworks. And shotguns. And a box of wine. So shove fear aside — let fear be gnawed upon by escalators and tigers. Step up to the plate. Let this be your year."

Read more at "25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing."